Free Download CV Format in Sri Lanka – Driver

Are you waiting for creating a Professional Curriculum Vitae ( CV ) as a Driver?

If you are seeking an Driver position, you are likely good with driving, but writing a curriculum vitae may be more of a challenge. Even people who have written them before can benefit from a review of the basic principles of a CV, so if you want to make your Professional Curriculum Vitae the best it can be.

This CV template gives you an idea of how to lay out your skills and experience if you’re applying  for a Driver Vacancy. You can get an idea of how apply your qualifications and achievements employers are looking for.

To help you increase your chances of success, we’ve put together our Curriculum Vitae template. You can free download Sample CV Format;

Free Download CV Format – Driver ( Word Document )

Free Download CV Format – Driver ( PDF )

This sample resume has been designed to focus on:

  • About your Academic Qualifications & worked Experience.
  • Personal attributes that will help you to transition into the work environment.
  • Any achievements, commendations or awards you received at high school that show you are honest and reliable.

Other things you can put on your resume include:

  • Any other extra curriculum activities.
  • Work placements or work experience that show you know how to work in a professional environment
  • Can attached your projects( if relevant)
  • Any hobbies or interests that are relevant to the job

Free Download CV Formats in Sri Lanka

21 Replies to “Free Download CV Format in Sri Lanka – Driver”

  1. My experience is 6 yrs in colombo city and any aria.

  2. Auto car driver job vacance ekak dalathiyenawa kandy walin draiving laisance aluth e unata draiving walata aluth ne kandy walin auto car draiver kenek sadaha awashsha wana sudusukam ha awashsha wana lipigonu monawada kiya mema ankayata sms ekak ewanna 070-388-6100 My Name Is : K.M Maduwantha Perera, onema dinayaka intve sadaha pemine.

  3. I’m looking for driving vacancy in your office. I have light vehicle and heavy vehickes licence too. I got 7 years experience of as a driver. I’m Dilan

  4. I’m udara.i’m looking for boom truck operator.i have a 4 years experience with boom truck operator and boom truck driver.i’m 32 years old.

  5. Dear sir, i have attaehed my cv for Driver position .i have 10 = yuars of driving eexperiences and highly appreciate if you cam the position.

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